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EE North America

EE North America enables the development of green energy across North America.

EE North America

We do this in close collaboration with landowners, the communities in which we operate, and companies in North America.


We develop, construct and operate on-land solar farms.


We develop, construct and operate wind farms.


We develop Power-to-X (hydrogen, e-methanol, sustainable fuels) solutions.

Who we are

EE North America is empowering the green energy transition

We understand that our energy production and consumption have been damaging the Earth for too long. That’s why we’re committed to making fundamental decisions that protect our world and the life, variety, and beauty that define it. We recognize that the road to a world in balance will not be easy, but we firmly believe that green energy is key to restoring and enhancing climate conditions, biodiversity, public health, sustainable development, and reconciliation.

We’re dedicated to creating a brighter, more sustainable future through our focus on Solar, Wind, Power-to-X, and Battery Storage solutions. By working together, we can drive the transition to clean energy and make a positive impact on the planet. Join us in our mission to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come.

Who we are

Who we are

What we do

What we do

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Get involved


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We develop, construct, operate, and sell large-scale, land-based solar projects and onshore wind projects. We are also one of the first companies in the world to realize the area of Power-to-X (green hydrogen used across a variety of applications).

EE North America is a proud subsidiary of European Energy, which was founded in 2004 by Knud Erik Andersen and Mikael D. Pedersen. At that time the mission was to create energy independence in Europe. Since then, we’ve developed the skills, knowledge, and experience to earn our reputation as a global leader in the green energy transition. EE North America is an extension of our original mission and North America, with its vast opportunities and rich biodiversity, is a key market to address in decarbonization as we push for a fossil-free society.

Today, EE North America has 3 GW of projects in development across the U.S. Our initial projects include:

  • A partnership with Elio Energy to produce 2 GW of renewable energy in Arizona.
  • A partnership with Horus Energy to produce 700 MW of renewable energy in Colorado. 
  • A 150 MW hydrogen facility in Texas.

EE North America will partner with local communities throughout Canada, the U.S., and Mexico and be a true partner in creating economic benefits and good-paying jobs. We look forward to working with stakeholders throughout North America and creating a positive impact, both in the communities where we operate, and globally.

EE North America helps fight climate change by developing and building renewable energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through its investments in wind, solar, battery storage, and Power-to-X technologies, EE North America is driving the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

EE North America helps create jobs by investing in the development and construction of renewable energy projects, which require a diverse range of skilled workers from engineers to electricians. These jobs support local communities, contribute to economic growth, and help build a sustainable future.