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Power-to-X (PTX)

Power-to-X provides green fuel solutions for a cleaner tomorrow

The many utilities of Power-to-X

EE North America’s Power-to-X technology produces green hydrogen and clean fuels like e-methanol, ammonia, and jet fuel that can provide emission-free energy to power transportation, heat homes, balance the grid, fuel shipping, and serve as a feedstock for green plastics.

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is made using renewable electricity from our solar and wind farms and water. It can empower your business to meet current and future environmental regulations, with the ultimate result of significantly reducing your company’s carbon emissions.


We offer carbon-neutral e-methanol (produced from green hydrogen and biogenic CO2) that can play a key role in the seamless transition to decarbonization within several sectors including transportation, heavy industry, and plastics.

Green Ammonia

Ammonia made from green hydrogen and nitrogen from the atmosphere can be used to create carbon-neutral fertilizers as well as have a wide range of industrial applications.


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